Soul blueprints

Want to switch off your cognitive brain and connect with the depths of your soul? Order your unique Soul blueprint. This mixed media work of art reflects your authentic qualities and helps you connect with your inner world and soul's purpose. 

Look into the mirror of the soul

Mixed media: paper, photo and iPad art. This Soul blueprint I made based on my birth chart. (More examples to come soon!)

Knowing more about the soul and its mysteries you could free yourself from the fascination which makes you suffer. 

Carl Jung

Want to order a Soul blueprint made especially for you?

What do you get? I’ll study your birth chart, focusing on the spiritual points revealing your Soul’s purpose, the highest quality of your essential Self, and the elements that lay the keynotes of your energy frequency. Then, I'll translate your spiritual blueprint into a bespoke work of art, a mixed-media collage. With your order, you'll receive a short explanation and a certificate that you are the owner of a unique and personalized artwork. 

Other intuitive and birth chart inspired artwork

I see it all. I feel it all.

Black Moon in the 3rd house in Taurus in conjunction with Jupiter and Vulcan. Mercury in Aries (29 degrees) conjunct Chiron (0 degrees) in Taurus out of sign in the 2nd house. Sun in the 2nd house in a green dragon or finger of god constellation. It is the apex of a tetraedic yod with Pluto opposite and Uranus and the Moon inconjuncting. The Sun being the focal point of identity, this person may experience a lot of inner turbulence. She is very much under the influence of impressions and perceived ‘messages and signals’ from the outside world.