Goddesses in me

Mythological stories were created by ancient cultures to explain natural phenomena, human emotions, and the world's complexities. I have a fascination for mythology of all kinds; from origin stories of modern superheroes to the creation myths of Mother Earth and Father Sky in indigenous cultures. In the West, we've lost the old ways of living in alignment with nature and the cycles of life. 

In 2021, I received a message in a dream that I have to balance 2 elements in my life: fire and water. These elements were presented to me in the form of 2 feminine archetypes: A fierce, fiery goddess (like Pele, the Hawaiian deity of fire and volcanos) and a mermaid-like, go-with-the-flow ocean goddess. The fire element is my old friend, although a calm flame easily ignites in a wildfire. Water and I had to reacquaint.

© Muriel Van Peteghem, Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda, Almijaray Alhama, Spain

Her name was Shy Pele

I know these mountains to be dormant volcanos. I like to connect with Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanos. She is “She Who Shapes the Sacred Land”. She inspires me to test the waters of being fiery and fierce, to destroy the old and, out of the ashes and lava, to create the new. Pele represents confidence and courage. Look at the shy clouds caressing her. She is beautiful, awe-inspiring, powerful, creative, active, enthusiastic, spontaneous, alive, passionate, hot and eruptive. Pele is dangerous yet giving and kind. Ever since I embraced her, I have allowed my Self to be angry and—if needed, explode!

Body art: House of body art © Photo: Dave Pelham

Maybe it is not the destructiveness of the volcano that pleases most, though everyone loves a conflagration, but its defiance of the law of gravity to which every inorganic mass is subject. What pleases first at the sight of the plant world is its vertical upward direction. That is why we love trees. Perhaps we attend to a volcano for its elevation, like ballet. How high the molten rocks soar, how far above the mushrooming cloud. The thrill is that the mountain blows itself up, even if it must then, like a dancer, return to earth; even it it does not simply descend—it falls, falls on us. But first it goes up, it flies. Whereas everything pulls, drags down. Down.

susan sontag

Ocean goddess

© House of body art

The water element is underrepresented in me. So I decided to make a tribute to her and become her. During a couple of weeks, I submerged myself in this creative process. I discovered that she is not per se a soft and caring personality; she's also fierce. Don't be fooled by her looks. She has been known to seduce many sailors with her sweet voice.

Man... I feel like a woman

She moves like a green silk snake, awakening ancestors and relatives, confusing women, exciting men who do not realize how I scorn them; or how I dance for their frightened unawakened, sweet women. She dances for the love of Venus.

nOR hall

The Moon and the Virgin

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