Shamanic art

I know I have many blindspots. I see glimpses of my true Self in every encounter and work of art. Spirit birds leading me the way to rebirth.

Spirit birds: a healing journey


In 2019, I landed in the hospital due to life-threatening complications of minor surgery. It took me almost 4 months to recover. The good news is: My stay in the hospital was a spiritual journey. I began having shamanic experiences. I would enter a deep meditative state and I started time traveling and shifting dimensions. I remember being able to do that as a child. A reawakening of a lost connection. I was always interested in shamanism and this felt like a calling. I decided to get an education, and 2 years later, I became a certified shamanic practitioner When in need of a higher perspective, I call upon the eagle. 

Spirit bird I: Mixed media: acrylic paint and paper, 29,7 x 42 cm

Contrary to popular modern belief romanticized by western culture, a shaman is not a path of personal choice made by the ego or personal will. It is not glamorous. It is messy and raw and death is always on one’s shoulder informing one of how to proceed. A shaman has died many times over. 



Having experienced many struggles in life, I am a frequent guest in the hotel called Dark Night of the Soul. These experiences brought me to the depths of the ocean over and over again, where I connect with my soul. For children and adolescents, the darkness and silence of the inner ocean are frightening and hard to navigate by themselves. But there is wisdom in this vast, dark, still space. Today I can humbly and gratefully say: I am an expert, and I am not afraid anymore—even more so, it is the place I go to reflect and resign from all the chatter. Instead of riding the superficial waves as a continuous bumpy road, I retire to connect with my inner wisdom and enjoy the stillness away from a burning world. I am at my best in the eye of the storm. Seagull invites us to be carefree. 

Spirit bird II: Mixed media: acrylic paint and paper, 29,7 x 42 cm


Within us, we possess the genes of our ancestors. Aside from the physical information these genes may carry, they also contain the scripts and patterns of our past, many of them unresolved, and many invoke themes of family karma. By raising our awareness of those themes, we can set ourselves and our family’s free from intergenerational trauma and burdens. 

In every family, someone carries the epitome of the burdens of all 4 ancestral lines intertwined. It is my body that lives, feels and processes the unhealed pains of my ancestors, like pushing gallstones through the urinal tract one by one. Owls navigate through the darkness and lead us to transformation. 

Spirit bird III: Mixed media: acrylic paint and paper, 29,7 x 42 cm
Inspired by Melanie Reinhardt, astrologer


This raven has the eye of a chameleon. Ravens are seen as intermediaries between the material and spirit worlds. Chameleon teaches us to see things from a variety of perspectives. What I've learned over time from my journeys guided by spirit animals is that there is no right path that we're being called to. It is about the experience of being fully present with what is in every moment. That’s our destiny: to do what our soul is calling for. Whether having a marvellous adventure or going into the most profound shadow states, we're experiencing something significant. With that experience, we can inspire others. 

Spirit bird IV: Mixed media: acrylic paint and paper, 29,7 x 42 cm
Inspired by Sandra Ingerman, shamanic practitioner
Skull and bird: Mixed media: acrylic paint and paper, 29,7 x 42 cm
I made the animation just for fun 🙂