Every day a work of art

We are both the sculptor and the statute. Our rewarding life is already here. Like Michelangelo has always seen his David in the rock, he just needed to eliminate the excess marble surrounding God's creation. Are you tapping into your creative power? I invite you to witness the exploration of myself as the creator of my best life.

Urban shaman

When was the last time you danced, sang, or drummed at your own pace to get in touch with your rhythm? That is a question shamans will ask you if you're not feeling well. We're born onto this earth entering a realm of pulsating energy. Our memories are erased, and here we are. Are you able to find your way back home? I'm starting to re-member my Self, one artwork at a time.

Collage art

Let me take you on a tour of my inner realms with my collages. I mix media: from old school paper cutting of magazines to drawings and photographs I take myself or pictures I pluck from the internet. You'll notice that I am obsessed with the female body.

My name is Muriel Van Peteghem

I am a self-taught Amsterdam-based multi-faceted creative

I live in two worlds. In my work I examine the relationship between the (female) body and the soul. I am present in both realms and I am continiously exploring who I am bridging the seen and the unseen. 

Often, I find myself submerged in feelings of nostalgia or memories of other existences. Also, I am fascinated by the beauty of imperfection and transience or transformation. 

The art of omission is not for me. It is hard to kill my darlings. And, my art is impatient. My attention span is very short. So I have to express myself explosively before an idea dies.

I hope you enjoy my work.
Photo credits: Laetitia de Veth

Body painting: House of body art